Time for a Little Bollywood!

This post is in honor of Bollywood starting up again this week after what's only been a month (but feels instead like a year!).  First up in the warmup was Paisa Paisa (पैसा पैसा) from De Dana Dan (दे दना दन), so I thought I'd spread the love.  (Wow, that was trippy- it just started typing in Devanagari.  Took me a little while to figure out how to turn it back off, but now I think we're all set.)

                           (Watch for the levitating woman in the video.)

Jared and I saw De Dana Dan when we were in Jaipur a little over a year ago.  We went to the Raj Mandir, the big old movie theatre downtown, where the ceiling is covered with waves accented by florescent green lights.  As you can image the theatre's something to see.  The dialogue was so fast I caught less than half of what they were saying in the movie, but luckily De Dana Dan was based primarily upon physical humor.  The climax (I'm taking a wild leap of faith that I'm not ruining the ending for anyone who is still dying to see it) involves a bomb exploding in a swimming pool on top of a high rise hotel, sending unbelievable amounts of water cascading through the entire building.

Jared and I also watched an awards show while we were in India that featured Akshay Kumar dancing to this song and getting drenched with gallons of water at the end of the number... a strange setup but it was oddly satisfying to see an actor in such a position after a never ending parade of wet sari scenes in pretty much every other Bollywood movie I've ever seen.

I have to hand it to my husband- he gets the award for intrepid adventuring way outside his comfort (and language) zone.  And he does it with good humor!  All except the rather dreadful mistake of our two night stay in Gaya instead of Bodh Gaya, but that's completely my fault and a story for a much later date :).