Upcoming Event: Marin JCC Bhangra Extravaganza Feb 12!

What:  Dholrhythms Dance Company of Non-Stop Bhangra at Osher Marin JCC!
Where:  Osher Marin JCC, 200 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael
When:  Saturday, Feb 12, 8-11pm
Who:  The lovely ladies above.  The Dholrhythms dancers, some mighty fine professionals with some great moves, lead by Vicki Virk.  And the Wednesdays, your almost-professionals who have a fabulous time, Andrea, Me, Shab, Kamala, Mallika, and Nav.

Why should I go:  This is the cultural event of the Dholrhythms calendar (in my humble opinion).  An entire evening of entertainment including dancing, drumming, vocals, a live DJ, and an MC (Monica, who happens to be fabulous).  The venue is properly swanky, you'll have a place to sit the entire show and you get to have a dance party!

Why Michelle thinks you should go:   The Wednesdays are clocking 5+ hours a week in rehearsal at the moment (and the Dholrhythms a whole lot more).  Come see how far we've come in a year!  Last year's Marin JCC was fabulous, fun, and the first time I'd performed bhangra.  This year promises to be so much more... more songs, more music, more dancing, more everything.  Including some kick-ass bhangra to Chaiyya Chaiyya, the song immortalized by Shahrukh Khan.  Can't you see Nav, Mallika, Andrea, and Shab above dancing with Sharukh on the top of a train?  Well, I certainly can.  And I'll happily join them!