Jab We Met Review: 4 Stars!

Image from:  www.last.fm
Although this movie is the source of the hit song "Mauja Hi Mauja" by none other than Mika Singh (who I had the pleasure of meeting in New Delhi at a press conference) I had put off seeing the film despite a variety good reviews.  Last weekend I finally got around to seeing it... and I'm happy to report it's worth all the hype.  I believe the characterization of Punjabis in India may be a "slight" exaggeration, but Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor certainly don't disappoint.  The movie is funny, poignant, and ultimately a great deal of fun.  It features a rather predictable love triangle, but has some great bits of comedy, especially around train stations and hotels that rent by the hour.  It's no surprise that this movie has cleaned up a wealth of awards!

And I've found a new favorite music video... check out the awesome Tibetan visuals behind Kareena while she dances (ignore the first 30 seconds of the video):