Asian Art Museum's Financial Woes

Image from:  http://www.asianart.org/pressroom.htm
I've been watching as my favorite museum in the entire world, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, has stared down a major financial crisis the past several weeks.  Thanks to the help of several San Francisco politicians, as well as the city of San Francisco itself, a deal has been worked out.  I do not claim to understand anything about debt refinancing and bonds, but the museum appears to have renegotiated the terms of its debt with its creditors.  According to an interview on NPR last night, the city of San Francisco will have a vastly expanded role and responsibility for the museum.  Fundraising will become its number one priority (it appears former San Francisco  Mayor Willie Brown is going to have a hand in that fundraising).  The museum is leaving the exhibitions untouched: there's an exhibit on Bali coming in February (Bali:  Art, Ritual, Performance)  followed by (excitement!) Maharaja:  The Splendor of India's Royal Courts in the fall.  
Asian Art Museum Press Release