What is White Desi?

अंखों ही अंखों में
Varunika Saraf

Iowa and India. India and Iowa. Similar vowels, different consonants. Different continents.

Dual-rootedness is a reality for first and second generation immigrants of the diaspora. For me, it's a serendipitous choice. Joining "white," a word that describes how I appear and where I come from, and "desi," a word that describes everyone and everything from the subcontinent, creates dissonance. White desi, or गोरी देसी in Hindi, names this paradox. गोरी is often translated into English with the adjectives light, white, beautiful, and foreign. White skin is as exoticized in India as we fetishize India in the States.  

This blog provides a space to write about topics and experiences that are often unintelligible to one another. My hope is that by highlighting dissonance, harmony has the possibility to emerge.