About Me

Education has always been at the heart of my professional and personal identity. I began my career as a secondary school history teacher after completing my MA in modern South Asian history at UC Berkeley. In graduate school I studied the rise of religious fundamentalism in India. As an undergraduate at Middlebury College I double majored in South Asian history and English poetry.

I'm interested in the diaspora in the Bay Area. I write monthly articles about the South Asian arts scene for India Currents Magazine. I perform Punjabi folk dance for both South Asian and non-desi audiences as a member of a professional bhangra troupe. I've also studied Tibetan Buddhism for over a decade and have been trained in art history by the Asian Art Museum.

Ultimately I love language in both its written and spoken forms. English is my mother tongue, but I also speak Hindi and have translated classical Tibetan and French. I believe that language reveals the heart of cultural differences in our world. I also believe that articulate communication is the best way to bring people together.