Bollywood Pirate Attack!

Inspired by recent events (in Bollywood class this evening), I've decided it's time to venture where this blog has never gone before... Om Shanti Om.  I can't tell tonight whether I'm happier about the silly skipping around or the fact that my right arm may fall off from the very quick arm circles involved in the chorus of this song.

I first tried to track down Om Shanti Om in New York City.  I dragged Lea into every Indian movie store I could find, trying desperately to find someone who would sell me a bootlegged copy (it was out of the movie theatres but wasn't released on DVD yet).  No one would do it.  I doubt they had that many white girls knocking down their doors looking for Om Shanti Om, but they certainly didn't trust me enough to give me one.  Anyway, I had to wait for months before the movie actually came out on DVD.  And when it did... well, it's pretty classic Shahrukh Khan exploring what else?  Shahrukh Khan.  But I wasn't watching it for the plot, just the songs.  Were you?

As promised, here's "Dhoom Taana" on YouTube.  Yes, the pirate part is at the end, after the amazing badminton interlude.
Of course this post is not doing justice to the most notable song of the movie, "Dar De Disco," but I believe I should save that exquisitely ridiculous piece of Bollywood fabulousness for the long awaited and hopefully near-on-the-horizon post:  "The Man, The Mystery, The Hair:  SRK."