A Song in Honor of the Weather...

In honor of the beautiful sunny day today (after weeks of torrential rain), I wanted to share an old favorite song of mine.  I first heard it while watching Monsoon Wedding but knew it was from an older source.  It turns out it's from the 1973 movie Loafer.  The song is called "Aaj Mausam Bada" and it's all about the weather.  I haven't worked out the translation yet (honestly, transliterated Hindi means nothing to me.  I'm lost without the Devanagari!) but here's a copy of the rather amusing translated chorus I've found online in a couple of different places:

Oh Aaj Mausam Bada, Beimaan Hai Bada
Today the weather is the most seductive, the most
Beimaan Hai Aaj Mausam ,
Seductive is the weather today,
Oh Aaj Mausam, Bada,
Today the weather is the most 
Beimaan Hai Bada,
Seductive, the most
Beimaan Hai,
Seductive is
Aaj Mausam
The weather today.