Katrina Kaif: Barbie Doll?

Katrina's New Likeness
Thanks to Judy and Susan for giving me the heads up on this one.  This spring Katrina Kaif became the new face of Barbie... of Mattel India, that is.   She is the first Bollywood actress to have a Barbie doll specifically made in her likeness.

Is this a step forward, an Indian Bollywood star and former model becoming the face of one of the most recognizable global icons of femininity?  Or is it wrong to enshrine the hopes of prepubescent girls in a plastic form whose figure couldn't anatomically exist in real life, let alone walk?  "I Can Be A Movie Star" is perhaps a good role model for girls aspiring to become actresses (I only wish that female Bollywood stars got paid what male Bollywood stars do).  Glamour, power, money, allure... in the name of art, theatre, and acting, of course!  But I suppose the inevitable always crops up- the desire of young girls to see Katrina in the flesh, not just in doll form.  Exactly how would you explain this to your elementary-school-aged daughter... and you would want her to play with it?