Movie Review: Satte Pe Satta (सत्ते पे सत्ता)

Satte Pe Satta
I believe this movie actually takes the prize for the silliest Bollywood movie I've ever seen. Brothers sleeping in barns and acting like animals (literally), tamed and civilized by Hema Malini's character Indu.  The most bizarre vehicular contraption I've ever seen that magically accommodates not only seven brothers but the seven women they love as well.  An evil Amitabh Bachchan look-alike who spontaneously cures a woman of disability by waving a knife at her.  Then the evil-look alike is himself is magically cured of his devious ways when he finds himself bowled over by the religious and upright character of to Hema Malini's Indu.   This spirals into a gigantic show-down with the evil villain, Ranjit (Amjad Khan), involving brothers and guns and goons and florescent pink blood... I barely managed to keep it all straight.  Although the story explores of the animal side of human nature and moralizes about the civilizing influence of parents, I really think it's a testament to the feat of scheduling to get that many actors and actresses on stage at once (and all fit into that bizarre car!).

And if you still don't believe me on the silly bit, check out this singing beach scene (watch out for the boulder!):