Word of the Day: आप के साथ क्या नया हो रहा है ?

Bugs Bunny
You're right- Bugs Bunny has absolutely nothing to do with South Asia.  But he has a great deal to do with my childhood (my brother and I loved watching Bugs Bunny cartoons) and he's a fabulous visual for today's word of the day:  four different ways to say "What's up?"

First up is  आप के साथ क्या नया हो रहा है , which translates roughly as "What's new with you?"  Then there's आप के साथ और क्या चल रहा है, which is a cross between "What is going with you" and "What's going on?"  We can throw a little past tense in there with आपने और क्या किया, loosely "What's happened with you?"  Which leads me to our last and my favorite way to say "What's up?"  क्या हाल है.  It literally means "What's the situation?" or "What's the condition?" which always reminds me of The Big Lebowski, "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)."