A Little Amitabh Love...

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Eddy and I are only half-way through Khoon Pasina, my latest foray into 1970's Amitabh (1977, to be exact).  Yet even though we've only just identified the villain and begun to establish the depths of their villainy, and Amitabh just spied his love interest who's about to be married off to another shady character, I wanted to have a moment of appreciation for 70's Bachchan.  Because:
  • The fires of Partition notwithstanding, there are always several sweet scenes establishing that little Hindu boys and little Muslim boys always friends.  Bonus points for the friends fighting off gangs of boy thugs together.  
  • The villains are proper villains.  World-weary, you watch as the constant strain of villainy weighs heavily upon their humanity as they torture petty thieves and subjugate helpless villagers.  And the villains almost always wear black.
  • If it's an Amitabh movie, chances are Rekha will show up unexpectedly, and hopefully, in a gaudy tribal outfit with a sharp tongue and some spunky moves.
  • Amitabh gets to ride around on a white horse that whinnies on cue while he's flattening bad guys.  And he wears peach bell bottoms and a peach scoop-necked vest over a patterned black button-down shirt while riding.
  • Amitabh has a complicated relationship with his mother.  He sneaks into the house late after beating up bad guys, she catches him because she's up crying, he feels bad, he promises to get a job and stop beating up bad guys, then the next day he does it all over again.
  • Rekha challenges Amitabh to let loose a tiger, then wrestle it back into its cage as a bizarre demonstration of his interest for her.  Amitabh's stunt double ends up rolling around in the dirt for 10 minutes with a tiger.  PEETA certainly did not approve this scene, but it is sort of amusing to watch man and tiger bust up most of the shops in town.
  • Because I absolutely, fiendishly, want to own Amitabh's leather coat in this movie.  It's a caramel color, so highly processed the leather reflects black swaths of light (looking  almost plastic), with huge lapels covered with cheetah patterned fur.  As soon as I find a picture of this fabulous item of clothing it's up on the blog.
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