BBC Article: "India Police Dogs in Disgrace After Having Puppies"

Image from Google images
Chhattisgarh State
This is too good not to post.  Two renowned police dogs used to sniff for drugs and narcotics in Chhattisgarh state in India have just delivered litters of puppies.  Their trainers have been suspended for dereliction of duty (the dogs were not supposed to get pregnant), but the trainers are pointing fingers at the lack of proper kennels at the police station.  No one's sure what happened, who's to blame, or what to do with the puppies.  The best quote to come out of the situation is from one of the trainers (which I only post because it's talking about female dogs):  "I am just a trainer.  How can I be held responsible for the bitches becoming pregnant?"  Mohan Gupta.

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