Event Review: Black Mahal Performance at Yerba Buena Gardens

Black Mahal
I finally got to see Black Mahal at Yerba Buena Gardens on Saturday (who doesn't like free concerts in nice settings?)!  Our own favorite Rav-e started things off, then on came Black Mahal (well, first you saw the red turban winding its way through the crowd, then the rest of the crew followed the sound of the dhol on stage).  I've heard about them and witnessed their music, yet I'm still not quite sure how to describe this SF-based group.  Fronted by Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti, a grandfatherly figure who both sings and gets down with the dhol, the rest of the band is composed of a noticeably young mix of singers, rappers, horns, and a DJ in the back.  The music is kitchy, catchy, and completely enjoyable.  The afternoon performance definitely had a PG family vibe to it.  And, behold, a lovely little song about moustaches (check out this previous post about moustaches):

How could you not love a group that sings about moustaches?  I mean, really.  Especially if it's the leftover flavor in your moustache.  I would highly recommend Black Mahal for a little levity along with a little variety in your moustache.