Indian Police Paid to Grow Moustaches

Indian Policeman with Moustache
I was planning to write a follow-up post on Osama bin Laden's killing exploring what Pakistan did or did not know about his location... but it's going to have to wait.  My brother just sent me a BBC article detailing how policemen in Madhya Pradesh are being paid to grow moustaches, because their bosses believe it makes them look more respectable.  Granted, it's only an extra 30 rupees a month, but the expected payoff is huge:  "'Moustaches are improving the personalities of our constables.  They are acquiring an aura of their own.  They are creating a positive impression on the local people and getting a lot of respect,'" explains district police chief Mayank Jain.  Who knew it was so easy to acquire an aura of ones own?  No word on whether they're paying female police to wear fake moustaches...